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What We’ve Done – 2020

Oct 2020 – Sailing

Sep 2020 – The Cubs & Scouts enjoyed an evening SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)

Sep 2020 – Pancake Night
All our sections made a huge mess at our annual Pancake Night.

Sep 2020 – Wide Games Night
Socially distanced wide games at the park.

Sept 2020 – Face to Face Scouting Restarted – We took all the young people Hiking

March to Sept 2020 – Scouting moved to Zoom Meetings due to COVID

Zoom Highlights:- Magician Nights, Cooking online, Race Nights, Virtual Hikes, Quizzes, CSI Harrow, Animal Visits, Pringle Challenge, Fred in his Shed, The Potato Hunt, Make some Noise, Scout Phrase, Magic Man, Bluecross, Signing, Bingo, Taskmaster, Scout of Games.

Feb 2020 – Ready Steady Cook
The Scouts created their own Ready Steady Cook Night.

Feb 2020 – Take Away Survey
The Scouts surveyed all the takeaways in South Harrow and Awarded the best with a certificate.

Feb 2020 – Beaver Quiz
Our Beavers took part in the Harrow District Beaver Chip Quiz.

Jan 2020 – Archery & Shooting

Jan 2020 – Scalextric Night
We invited a huge 8 lane Scalextric Track to our meeting.

Jan 2020 – Winter Camp
Our Scouts camped the second week in January and had a brillant time.