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What We’ve Done – 2017

Dec 2017 – Star Wars Night A brilliant night of star wars games and craft to celebrate the release of the new Star Wars movie.

Nov 2017 – Remembrance Day Parade

Oct 2017- Pathfinder Camp

Our Scouts joined with Scouts from across Harrow for a weekend of exploring and fun at Lees Wood Camp Site. Each troop did their own thing during the day and met up for a huge wide game on the Saturday evening.

Sept 2017 – District Beaver Scout Sleepover Beavers Scouts from Harrow for a huge sleepover. The highlight was a mountain of ice cream served in 4 long lengths of gutter.

Sept 2017 – Cyclist Night
The Beavers earned their Bike Badge with an evening at a local Cycle Club.

Aug 2017- Tolmers Summer Camp
The 13th Roxeth Scouts journeyed to Tolmers Scout Camp site for their C.T.T week (Come To Tolmers). We joined with 400 Scouts, Explorers, Guides and Rangers from round the country for the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities. Some of the activities our Scouts took part in were:- Quad Biking, Climbing, Shooting, Human Zorbs and Lazer tag. The site laid on evening activities like paddle boat racing, Line Dancing and the huge disco with foam party on the last evening. Some of the activities were run on site while others were a short coach journey away. Tolmers even laid on a bar with live bands & quiz evenings for the leaders. The beauty of C.T.T was that the Scouts choose which activities to do and when to do them. If a Scout choose to go laser tag every day then that was what they did.

July 2017 – Scout Beach Party The Scouts finished the year with a beach party involving lots of silly games on the beach at the local lido.

July 2017 – Cub Wide Games Night The Cubs finished the year with a wide games night at the woods.

July 2017 – Beavers Ramble The Beavers and their families finished the year with a ramble round Ruislip Lido.

July 2017 – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts water activity evening We took our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts out on Bury Lake. The Beavers and Cubs paddled round the lake on fun boats and kata canoes whilst the Scouts sailed for the evening. A fantastic evening for everyone with perfect weather and everyone getting wet.

Jun 2017 – Sailing
The Scouts enjoyed a night learning to Sail

Jun 2017 – District Family Camp Over a hundred Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Parents and siblings from our group joined scouts from across Harrow for an amazing weekend at Tolmers. There were birds of prey, clowns, kayaking, climbing, fire Poi, camp fires and loads more.

June 2017 – RNLI Visit
The Beavers enjoyed a visit from RNLI

June 2017 – County Water & Adventure Weekend
Amongst the many activities our Scouts paddled kayaks, Dragon Boats, Canoes and enjoyed the huge climbing tower and water zorbs along side the River Thames at Longridge Boating Centre. The highlight for most was a river trip down the Thames from Hurley Weir to Marlow Weir, dropping over all 3 exciting weirs.

May 2017 – Pond Dipping & Mini Beast Hunt
The Beavers and Scouts had a fun evening hunting for mini beasts in and out of the water at Denham Country park.

May 2017 – Air Camp
Our Scouts spent the weekend camping on a live airfield learning about flight and aircraft. Each Scout got to go up and perform acrobatic moves including barrel rolls and loop the loops in real aircraft with a qualified pilots.

May 2017 – Bee Keeper Visit
The group enjoyed a visit from the local Bee Keepers

May 2017 – Beaver Paradise Wildlife Trip
Our Beavers joined with Beavers from accross Harrow for a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park.

May 2017 – RAF Northolt Tourg
The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts all visited RAF Northolt to view the aircraft and a behind the scene tour.

May 2017 – Chocolate Orienteering
Beavers, Cubs and Scouts took part in the County Chocolate Orienteering event.

May 2017 – Science Festival at Imperial College London
Our Cubs visited the brilliant and fun Science Festival.

May 2017 – RAF Northolt Tour
The whole Group boarded a double decker bus and we toured RAF Northolt to see the Royal Flight and watch a demonstration by the Airport Fire Brigade.

Mar 2017 – RAF Visit
We had an RAF pilot visit the group and talk to the children about life in the RAF and flying helicopters.

Mar 2017 – World War 2 RAF Bunker Tour
The Scouts enjoyed a guided tour of an old World War 2 RAF control bunker.

Mar 2017 – Cowboy Sleepover
Our Beaver Scouts went on a Cowboy Themed Sleepover.

Mar 2017 – St Piran’s Day
Our Scouts made Cornish Pasties to mark St Piran’s Day.

Mar 2017 – Tesco Farm to Fork Trip
Our Beaver Scouts went behind the scenes at a Local Tesco Store.

Mar 2017 – Amey Zoo Visit
Our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts enjoyed a visit from Mark Amey, who is a Animal Handler for Film and Television. Hi brought with him a selection of animals including Lizards, Cockroaches, Scorpions, Snakes and birds of prey. See the pictures on our Facebook page.

Feb 2017 – Pancake Night
All our sections made a huge mess at our annual Pancake Night.

Feb 2017 – Ready Steady Cook
The Scouts created their own Ready Steady Cook Night.

Feb 2017 – Beaver Quiz
Our Beavers took part in the Harrow District Beaver Chip Quiz.

Jan 2017 – Dinosaurs
The Cubs had a fantastic Dinosaur themed evening.

Jan 2017 – CPR Training
Our Scouts were all trained in CPR including the use of defibrillators.

Jan 2017 – Pets At Home
Our Beaver Scouts visited our local Pets At Home Store to learn about animals.