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What We’ve Done – 2016

Dec 2016 – Group Roller Disco

The whole group including parents went to a roller Disco in Harrow.

Nov 2016 – District Scout Quiz
Our three Scout teams did really well in the District Scout quiz improving on last years 16th position.

Nov 2016 – Group Drum Night
We enjoyed a special visit from a drum school.

Nov 2016 – Remembrance Day Parade
Our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts looked very smart parading thought harrow behind the armed forces and brass bands.

Oct 2016 – Family Campfire
Over 100 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and parents joined in the fun at Southall activity centre. We held a traditional camp fire for all our young people and their families.

Oct 2016 – Cycle Adventure Camp
Our Scouts slept in hammocks during a weekend at Chalfont Heights Scout campsite. The Scouts cycled and navigated the way there themselves.

Oct 2016 – Rugby – Harlequinns vs Saracens
We took our Scouts to see a Rugby Match

Sept 2016 – Scout Survival Camp

Sept 2016 – Cub Camp

Sept 2016 – Beaver County Sleepover

Aug 2016 – Tolmers Summer Camp
The 13th Roxeth Scouts journeyed to Tolmers Scout Camp site for their C.T.T week (Come To Tolmers). We joined with 400 Scouts, Explorers, Guides and Rangers from round the country for the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities. Some of the activities our Scouts took part in were:- Quad Biking, Sailing, Skiing, Bowling & climbing. The site laid on evening activities like paddle boat racing, football competitions and the huge disco on the last evening. Some of the activities were run on site while others were a short coach journey away. Tolmers even laid on a bar with live bands & quiz evenings for the leaders. The beauty of C.T.T was that the Scouts choose which activities to do and when to do them. If a Scout choose to go skiing every day then that was what they did.

July 2016 – Scout & Cub Wide Games

July 2016 – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts water activity evening
We took our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts out on Bury Lake. The Beavers and Cubs paddled round the lake on fun boats and kata canoes whilst the Scouts sailed for the evening. A fantastic evening for everyone with perfect weather and everyone getting wet.

Jun 2016 – Beavers Gulliver’s Land Trip
Our Beavers joined with Beavers from accross Harrow for a trip to Gulliver’s Land.

May 2016 – Beaver & Cub Scout Sleepover
Our Beavers and Cubs enjoyed a fun sleepover at Southall Activity Centre

May 2016 – Scout Night Hike & Sleepover
Our Scouts hiked to a local site and slept overnight in Hammocks.

April 2016 – Cub and Scout Diggerland Camp
Our Cubs and Scouts camped at Thriftwood International Scout Site. From there we visited  Diggerland a theme park where even the youngest members could drive real diggers and dumpers. On the Sunday we took part in a few of the site activities, climbing, Sky High, abseiling, The Rodeo Bull and the cave box.

Mar 2016 – London Live Monopoly Run
We entered two teams of Scouts in an interactive Monopoly run round London, our teams had to buy properties, pay rent and navigate round London visiting as many of the places on the board as possible. Great results for our forth year.

Feb 2016 – Beaver Space Sleepover
Our Beavers were welcomed aboard our space sheet for a night of themed fun and games.

Feb 2016 – Human Hungry Hippo
We played human hungry hippo based on the old board game with all the sections.

Feb 2016 – Scout Laser Tag
Our Scouts visited the laser tag venue in Watford.

Feb 2016 – Chip Shop Survey
The Scouts surveyed every chip shop in Northolt Road, South Harrow. A tasty night!

Jan 2016 – Scalextric Night
We held a Scalextric night for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Brillant fun.

Jan 2016 – KidZania Trip
We took our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to the excellent KidZania Experience at the West Field.

Jan 2016 – Fire & Ice Winter Camp Not for the faint hearted or the weedy. Our Scouts camped on the 2nd weekend in January. We joined 400 other Scouts and Guides for loads of fun and games in the mud at Tolmers Scout Campsite.